About tqoon.com

CEO greetings

tqoon in USA will open more internet shopping malls to provide a variety of goods and services.

Under the responsibility of tqoon in USA, we will identify and introduce attractive products and companies
that satisfy our customers through precise inspection.

tqoon in USA promises to do our best to meet customer's expectations,
and please send us your unchanging support.

Management principle

tqoon in USA aims to be a corporation that creates the best products and services based on
human resources and technology and contributes to the creation of customers' profits.

PRINCIPLES 1. We give priority to law and ethics.

1-1 We respect individual dignity and diversity.
1-2 Fair competition in accordance with law and commerce order.
1-3 Maintain transparency of accounting through accurate accounting records.

Principle 2. We respect our customers.
2-1 Prioritize customers in overall business activities.
2-2 We pursue management based on customer value.
2-3 Strengthen customer service by faithfully educating staff.

Principle 3. Social responsibility.
3-1 Perform basic responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
3-2 We respect local social and cultural characteristics.
3-3 Establish win-win relationships with customers.


Corporation Vision

tqoon vision is “Best reliable partner for customer”. It is the reason for the presence of the tqoon,
we pursue for a better service, best satisfaction for customers.

Corporation Motto

Best quality – Supply out the product’s in best condition with high quality
Afforable – Provide the lowest price
Fast – Deliver any kinds of the item without time wasting
Convenient – Receive the items easily