Return & Refund Policy


• The following items can't be returned. Thank you for your understanding.

- If the product is damaged due to customer's fault.
- 7 days after receiving the item.
- If the tag is removed from the product.

*  If there are defects in the product, or  damaged items during the shipping,
    please contact us at (
* We will exchange or refund immediately within 7 days of receiving the item
* We will be responsible for return shipping fee and commission if the product is defected or broken.



Regarding the cancellation of order you have paid, the applicable amount will be refunded according to the following policy.

1.Refund Regulation


[Amount paid] - [ Cancellation penalty ] = Refund amount

In case of cancellation penalty, we refund the amount by Point or bank transfer.

2.Refund method


Please call or Email us. We will do our best to serve you.

3.Relevant amount returned by points


We will return points equivalent to refund amount to your ID. *Refund processing is quick as possible, No refund fee is charged.

4.Refund by bank transfer


After collecting the designated account, we will transfer the refund amount
*Remittance fee is at customers expense. In addition, it may take a time to complete the transfer. Please understand